Bash, C#, CSS, PHP, Puppet, Python, Java, Javascript, Less, PowerShell, Sass/Scss, VBScript, and VB 6.0


C, C++, Go, Ruby, and LUA


.NET MVC, .NET WCF, D3/TopoJSON, Entity, Jekyll, jQuery, Node.js, and Sails/Express


Windows Server: 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012
Windows Desktop: 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Linux: Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu
VMware: ESXi, vCenter


Self-employed consultant - (Chattanooga, TN.) 5/2009 - Present
Providing IT services including software design and implementation, workflow automation, troubleshooting, code review and analysis, network troubleshooting and systems integrations.


  • Work with customers to bring a project through planning, development and deployment. Including following up with any maintenance needed.
  • Coordinate with 3rd party IT staff for needs for project, including obtaining access to secure networks and discussing supportable software stacks.
  • Provide estimates for small fixed-price projects.


  • Improved Microsoft Dynamics with additional reporting for inventory management, inventory automation and shipping automation.
  • Implemented Switchboard integrations with CRM/EMR platforms with the Switchvox PBX system.

Open Source Contributions

  • Gogs bug fixes (Go)
  • ChaDev improvements (Jekyll/Ruby)
  • TeamSpeak 3 (Puppet module, 900+ downloads, 4.8/5 quality score)
  • Ruby vSphere Console bug fixes (Ruby)
Solutions Architect - OrthoBanc, LLC (Chattanooga, TN.) 8/2010 - Present
Served as head developer for new SaaS project. Provided operations consultation and support on PBX/SAN/Virtualization projects. Provided security consultation on company's entire product line including writing tools for detecting and preventing security breaches.


  • Responsible for technical design of systems including the domain of all combinations of hardware, software, middleware, firmware, etc.
  • Coordination and consultation on design, implementation and testing of all measures deemed necessary to keep business data safe and secure.
  • Applications design and coding as workload permits.


  • Developed MVC web application, with NUnit test coverage using C# and MSSQL.
  • Developed Java based services for client's servers to allow centralized management of deployments using Java and C++/CLR for interoperability.
  • Developed WCF Web Services for Java service clients using C#.
  • Provided automation infrastructure and project management with continuous integration server setup (TeamCity), ticket system setup and administration (Redmine), DVCS setup and administration (Mercurial + Rhodecode), and code review system (ReviewBoard).
  • Developed web application for managing call recordings and playback through phone headsets initiated through Asterisk phone system using PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed scripts for checking status of various systems through Nagios (Zultys phone system archive status and Faxcore log parser)
  • Provided additional support for operations (Network administration, consultation on virtualization setup, management of storage, monitoring with Nagios, various tool sets for management).
  • Deployed 100% configuration managed environment for new Node.js platform, contributed to software development and deployment.
  • Proposed and executed the migration to a new storage stack cutting storage costs by at least 30% per GB, increasing performance by 1000%, and preparing for 10gbe network support.
IT Consultant - Certified Financial Protection Group (Temecula, CA.) 2/2010 - 7/2010
In charge of automating sales and customer management system as much as possible. Assisted IT staff in managing Active Directory environment (IT staff consisted of two other developers with no previous Windows administration experience).


  • Implement and support CRM system to automate sales workflow.
  • General IT support.


  • Deployed and customized SugarCRM, including custom PHP code for sales automation.
  • Configured roaming profiles & folder redirection to reduce IT helpdesk workload from high rate of employees moving desks.
  • Deployed/Maintained VMWare infrastructure.
Jr. Technician - Syndeo Communications (Oceanside, CA.) 1/2010 - 6/2010


  • Provide IT support and setup services for networking, servers, VOIP and desktops solutions.
  • Coordinate with customer support for scheduling and resolution of customer issues.


  • Provided general network systems support.
  • Provided Asterisk phone system support (both Switchvox and bare metal configurations).
  • Developed various small programming projects for company and its clients.
  • Reverse engineered multi-server Asterisk@Home setup that was abandoned by VOIP Administrator, fixed key issues preventing critical business functionality and provided documentation and training for replacement VOIP Admin.
Network Consultant - Lewis Marketing Corp (San Marcos, CA.) 9/2009 - 2/2010


  • Deployment, provisioning and troubleshooting of desktops.
  • Cloud based VOIP management, provisioning and troubleshooting.
  • Provide IT solutions to further reduce costs or improve efficiency.


  • Provided general network systems support.
  • Provided VOIP support for hosted PBX solution.
  • Developed simple document management system for legal document e-filing with our processors using PHP.
  • Developed call center leader board using PHP.
  • Developed software to provide automation in domainless Windows environment for call center using C#.
  • Deployed VMWare hypervisor.
Intern - Guajome Park Academy (Vista, CA.) 6/2004 - 8/2006


  • Provide help supporting school's Information Technology team
  • Mentor students on computer software, hardware and computer networking.


  • Developed software to manage operations of wellness center using VB 6.0/VBScript.
  • Maintained small Active Directory environment.
  • Deployed Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 to house Linux virtual machines for educational purposes.


Palomar 2008
AA - Computer Science